After Dental Implant Surgery

After dental implant surgery, it is recommended that you rest for 48-72 hours. Resting assists the healing process and limits after surgery bleeding. Drink plenty of fluids, but nothing too cold. You may need to apply an ice pack to your face in twenty-minute intervals for the 2 days following surgery. If you received upper implants, do not blow your nose for two weeks. You will feel slightly uncomfortable the first two days following surgery, but the third day is generally better. An increase in temperature of about 1 to 2 degrees is to be expected and is not a cause for concern.  Maintain a proper nutritional intake switching to more liquid and or softer consistency foods; do not chew directly onto the surgical site.

Keep the oral cavity extra clean and free of foreign bodies which may carry bacteria or other contaminants.  Wash your hands before changing gauze dressings.  Limit contact with pets (no "pet kisses").  Refrain from smoking.  Should unusual pain, swelling or bleeding persist please call our office to set up a follow up visit.

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